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The Native Plant & Florida Friendly Garden… a lovely environment for plants that are born and survive in the wild in Florida, here in their natural habitat and maintained by the The Gardens.

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Our Gardens

The Bamboo Garden…  lush and lovely bamboo, the perfect backdrop to any tropical planting, enjoy the many varieties on display.

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The Secret Garden… a quiet nook accompanied with a cool shady corner perfect for relaxing and contemplation, and a magical space for your special event.

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The Hibiscus Garden…  a beautiful formal garden maintained by the Treasure Coast Hibiscus Society to display rare and unusual plantings of hibiscus and featuring an event space for your special use. 

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The Butterfly Garden… is filled with beautiful and colorful ever changing plants and flowers, it has become a haven for a dozen or so different species of butterflies at any given time; and don’t forget the bees.   Don’t miss the flighty hummingbirds, as well.

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The Rose Garden… located immediately west of the Butterfly Garden through the white picket gate. Here you will find native roses perfect for our climate offering a representative collection of old-fashioned and landscape roses to visitors.

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The Orchid Room… located in the oaks to the west of The Pavilion. It houses over 100 orchids of rare and exotic variety planted and maintained by the Port St. Lucie Orchid Society. It is must see for all visitors.

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The Serenity Garden…  A place of serenity... A place of solitude... A place of remembrance.  Come relax in our Serenity Garden and honor the memories of family and friends.

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Native Trees In The Gardens…  Mature Sand Pine (30-40’) high; Southern Slash Pine, Sand Live Oak, Laurel Oak, Chapman’s Oak, Myrtle Oak, Strangler Fig, Sable (Sabal) Palm, Red Maple, Saw Palmetto, Loblolly Bay, Swamp Red Bay and Lyonia, Royal Ponciana, Bald Cypress, Queen Myrtle, Foxtail Palms, Silk Tree, Jacaranda, Olive trees and more.  Enter Area Here

The Palm Walk Garden… February 27, 2015 introduced native palms to The Gardens in a way that looks totally natural in the setting, almost as though they have always been there.

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The Bromeliad Island Garden…  while you will see bromeliads throughout The Gardens, we encourage you to visit our Bromeliad Island Garden which hosts a veritable array of beautiful and colorful Bromeliads.  

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The Cactus & Succulent Garden… located on the west walkway to the event lawn / southwest of the Orchid Room. This garden will eventually be expanded with more succulents and cactus along the enjoining pathways.

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Pavilion, Walkways & Garden Areas… beautiful plantings created to please the eye and spike the senses, often changing to challenge your knowledge of Florida horticulture.

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Visit our European Olive Tree ​Olea europaea  Click Here

Critters in The Gardens…  Great Blue Herons, Northern Cardinals, Bobcat, Eagle Owls, Turkey Vultures, Common Nighthawks, Black Racers, Fish Crows, Blue Jays, Gopher Tortoises, Loggerhead Shrikes, Common Flickers, Red Bellied Woodpeckers, Null Woodpeckers, Mockingbirds, Ospreys, Rufons-sided Towhees, Raccoons, Easter Phoebes, Florida Scrub Lizards, Grey Squirrels, wild Rabbits, Carolina Wrens, Mallard Ducks, Great White Egrets, Sand-hill Cranes, Dart frogs, geckos, Mourning Doves, and more...

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The Ancient Garden…  Step back in time to days of Florida past with lush green landscapes filled with Palms, Cycads and ancient plants that have been around for millennium.

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Art in The Gardens... The Gardens features some wonderful sculptures and art from world renown artists and painters throughout the grounds and within the Pavilion that blend beautifully into the tapestry that is the Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens.

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Visit the Faerie Forrest

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