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Activities For Home

Parents and Caretakers!!  Thanks to the generosity of for allowing us to link YOU to their pages.  This website is rich with school, home, and individual gardening activities that children will love. 

KidsGardening.Org Activities

Seeds: Caring for them in Six Steps

Kid’s Corner Websites:

• YouTubeKids for PCs otherwise YouTube Kids app download for other devices. Adults need to have a google account (free).

   • “Make your yard Hummingbird Friendly”

   • “Grow Your Own Plants”

   • “How Does A Seed Become A Plant”

   • “Peppa Pig – Gardening”

   • “How to Plant a Year-Round Garden”

School Gardens

DIY Painted Flower Pots

Florida Gardening Videos for Kids

​• Fresh for Florida Kids Food Garden - Growing Corn

• Fresh for Florida Kids Food Garden - Planting Seeds

• How to Teach Basics of Gardening to Kids

More Activities Coming Soon.