European Olive

Olea europaea


Symbol of peace

  • Originating in the Eastern Mediterranean basin, most likely Crete. For over 7,000 years, the olive tree has been cultivated, making it the oldest cultivated tree in history. The average life span of an Olive tree is 300-600 years,  although several trees have been known to live over 2,000 years. This particular tree came from the U.S. west coast and was reclaimed from an Olive farm that phased out production.   It is estimated to be 70 – 80 years old and will grow to 20 – 30 feet.  It prefers arid, warm climates, cool but not frigid weather.  Loves full sun, likes sand,  has few pests and fruits for 2-3 weeks.  Olympic wreaths were made from them, representing the ultimate symbol of peace and fairness. Van Gogh loved them, and frequently painted them. We share in his passion, and “paint” the landscape with them.   We hope you enjoy its historic beauty and what it stands for.

    Dedicated in Memory of: Mayor Robert E. Minsky
    (1934 – 2018)

European Olive

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