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​​​​​Wild Coffee

Psychotria nervosa

  • Common Name: Wild Coffee (Other common names: Seminole Balsamo)
  • Scientific Name: Psychotria nervosa
  • Family Name: Rubiacaea
  • Origin: Native to Florida.
  • Height: 4’ – 10’
  • Width: 4’ – 8’
  • Growth: Fast     
  • Zone: 9A - 11
  • Light Needs: Grows better in partial to full shade, leaves will become yellow and it will not grow as big in full sun.
  • Salt Tolerance:  Poor
  • Soil/PH/Texture: Can grow in many different types of soils, sandy, loam and clay, mildly acidic – neutral (6.1 – 7.5).
  • Soil Moisture: Average water needs, water regularly.
  • Drought Tolerance: Moderate
  • Pests/Diseases: No serious pests or diseases.
  • Growing Conditions: Easy to grow, will spread if you don’t keep it in check.
  • Characteristics: This plant is grown for its foliage. Its leaves are about 6” long, veins are distinctly impressed on the top surface, fine hairs on the underneath side, arranged opposite of each other with entire margins. The white flowers are small, grow in clusters from the branch tips and bloom spring – summer. In the summer – fall it produces fruits that resemble coffee beans, but it is not a true coffee plant, the seeds do not contain caffeine.
  • Propagation: By cuttings or seed.
  • Wildlife: Birds and other wildlife are attracted to wild coffee fruits, while the flowers are one of the nectar sources for the rare Atala butterfly found primarily in southeast Florida.
  • Facts: Unknown
  • Designer Considerations: Can be planted as a specimen, hedge, espalier, foundation, border or mass planting. It is also suitable for growing in containers for your patio.​​