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Walking Sansevieria

​Sansevieria pinguicula

  • ​​Common Name: Walking Sansevieria (other common names: Sansevieria, Snake Plant)
  • Scientific Name: Sansevieria pinguicula
  • Family Name: Asparagaceae
  • Origin: Africa, Madagascar, and southern Asia
  • Height: 12” – 18”
  • Width: 18” – 24”
  • Growth: moderate - fast
  • Zone: 8B - 11
  • Light Needs: Full sun – Partial shade – Dappled shade but do not tolerate all shade
  • Salt Tolerance:  high
  • Soil/PH/Texture: need well-draining soil – not particular, mildly acidic – mildly alkaline (pH 6.1 – 7.8)
  • Soil Moisture: very little water is needed, water when soil is dry to the touch
  • Drought Tolerance: high
  • Pests/Diseases: susceptible to rot root
  • Growing Conditions: easy to grow and low maintenance
  • Characteristics: foliage is an unusual color; blooms are white and appear in late summer – early winter
  • Propagation: by dividing rhizomes, corms, bulbs, tubers, offsets, or pups, stolons or runners, and from leaf cuttings.
  • Wildlife: unknown
  • Facts: unknown
  • Designer Considerations: can be used as a container plant for your patio, great for xeriscaping or as a houseplant.


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Walking Sansevieria