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Silver Palmetto

​Serenoa repens ‘Silver’

  • Common Name: Silver Palmetto
  • Scientific Name: Serenoa repens ‘Silver’
  • Family Name:    Arecaceae
  • Origin: native to Florida
  • Height: 5’ – 6’
  • Width: 4’ – 8’ (but can spread to 20’)
  • Growth: Slow
  • Zone: 6 - 10
  • Light Needs: Full sun – Partial sun
  • Salt Tolerance:  high
  • Soil/PH/Texture: isn’t too picky, clay, sand, or loam soils or a mix, have adapted to Florida’s sandy soils and do not need soil amendments unless the soil has too much clay. Fertilize bi-annually if they under perform with a palm fertilizer.
  • Soil Moisture: likes well drained soil, likes moderate amounts of water but will survives on only rainfall once established
  • Drought Tolerance: high
  • Pests/Diseases: no serious pests are normally seen on the plant
  • Growing Conditions: easy to grow and low maintenance – aggressively spreading, best transplanted when young – do not do well transplanting when older, very cold hardy.
  • Characteristics: is a natural mutation of the green saw palmetto, the leaves of this palm have an alternate arrangement, are simple, star-shaped, palmate venation, blades can be more than 36”, and silver/gray – blue-green in color. The flowers are yellow white with a pleasant fragrance. Its fruit are oval, .5” – 1” in length, blue/black and not very showy. The trunk and branches are showier with their multi-trunks and clumping stems and sometimes grow horizontally along the ground.
  • Propagation: usually by seed but is terribly slow growing.
  • Wildlife: attracts butterflies, birds, and bees. The fruit is an important food source for birds and mammals. The flowers are incredibly attractive to bees and will produce a good quality honey from them.
  • Facts: The name comes from the saw-like teeth on the leaf stems. In Western herbal medicine the extract of the berries is used to treat urinary tract and prostate problems.
  • Designer Considerations: use in a mass planting, as a specimen, naturalizing, borders, hedge or screen, reclamation plant, accent, as ground cover, at the base of other palms and trees, and easy to grow in containers.


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Silver Palmetto