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Red Feather Palm Tree

chambeyronia macrocarpa

  • ​​Common name: Red Feather Palm Tree, Red Leaf Palm, Flamethrower palm​
  • Scientific name: Chambeyronia macrocarpa
  • Family name:  Arecaceae
  • Origin: New Caledonia
  • Height: 20-25 ft
  • Width: 10-12 ft
  • Growth: Slow
  • Zone: 9b-11
  • Light needs: Full sun to Part shade
  • Salt tolerance: Low
  • Soil/pH/Texture: Prefers moist, well-drained soil, slightly acidic to slightly alkaline (pH 6.1-7.8)
  • Moisture: Moderate watering needs – water regularly until established
  • Drought tolerance: Poor
  • Pests/Diseases: Not very susceptible to pests and diseases, although scale and whitefly might be a small issue
  • Growing conditions: Best grown in a humid and sunny area with moist, well drained soil. If conditions become dry, it should be watered more as it has a low drought tolerance. Should be fertilized twice a year with a palm fertilizer.
  • Characteristics: Large palm that has pinnate leaves with broad leaflets, with the leaves being 10-12 ft long. Emerging leaves are red (hence its name) and will fade to green once fully developed. Flowers are small, purple, and develop below the crownshaft. The fruits are berrylike, and turn from green to red when ripe.
  • Propagation: By seeds
  • Wildlife: Birds may use the tree as a nesting site or feed on the fruits.
  • Facts: Although the green form is the most common form of this plant, there are other forms, such as ones with yellow and green striped leaves.
  • Designer considerations: Good for walkways or as a shade plant. Can be a centerpiece to surround with small plants.

Red Feather Palm Tree


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