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Hibiscus Garden

Pink Hibiscus, Rose Mallow

Hibiscus moscheutos

  • ​​Common name: Rose Mallow, Swamp rose-mallow, crimsoneyed rosemallow, eastern rosemallow
  • Scientific name: Hibiscus moscheutos
  • Family name: Malvaceae
  • Origin: Southeast North America
  • Height: 4-7 ft
  • Width: 2-4 ft
  • Growth: Fast
  • Zone: 5-9
  • Light needs: Full sun
  • Salt tolerance: Low
  • Soil/pH/Texture: Prefers moist, well-drained soil with high organic matter content, somewhat acidic (pH 6.0-6.5)
  • Moisture: Moderate water needs – should be watered regularly
  • Drought tolerance: Moderate
  • Pests/Diseases: Leaf spots, blights, rust, whiteflies, aphids, and scales. Beetles may damage foliage.
  • Growing conditions: Prefers a wet to moist, sunny area. Grows best in moist, organically rich soils, but it can also grow in regular garden soils – its important that the soil does not dry out. Does well in heat and humidity. It is sensitive to wind and should be protected from it to avoid wind damage. For best results, fertilize regularly during the growing season.
  • Characteristics: Shrub with simple, ovate, alternately arranged leaves. The leaves are velvety in texture with toothed margins, and may be 3-8 inches long and 2-4 inches wide. Basal stems are woody; new growth is green and hairy. Flowers may be pink, red, white or a combination of the three, are large (>6 inches across), and have five petals – they are broad and cup-shaped, often with a darker center, and with prominent stamens. Seeds grow in coarse, round pods.
  • Propagation: By seeds or by cuttings
  • Wildlife: Attracts long-tongued bees such as the Rose-Mallow Bee, as well as hummingbirds. It is a larval host for the common checkered skipper, gray hairstreak, Io moth, and the pearly wood nymph.
  • Facts: Each bloom only lasts a day, but they are produced repeatedly for over a month.
  • Designer considerations: Its showy flowers make it a good accent plant or mass planting. It’s a great choice for butterfly gardens, walkways, and roadsides.

Pink Hibiscus, Rose Mallow