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Marcus Pumpkin Avocado Tree

Persea americana

  • ​Common Name: Marcus Pumpkin Avocado Tree, Aguacate, Avocado-pear
  • Scientific Name: Persea Americana ‘Marcus Pumpkin’
  • Family Name: Lauraceae
  • Origin: Mexico, Central and South America, West Indies
  • Height: 30 feet
  • Width: 30 feet  
  • Growth: Rapid
  • Zone: USDA Zones 9a-11, ‘Marcus Pumpkin’ has a high cold tolerance.
  • Light Needs:  Full sun  
  • Salt Tolerance: Fair
  • Soil/PH/Texture: They prefer a pH of 5-7, slightly acidic, with soil high in organic matter.
  • Soil Moisture:  Requires well-drained soil.  Water weekly until established.
  • Drought Tolerance: Once established, avocados only require watering during drought conditions. However, for best fruit production, water weekly.
  • Pests/Diseases: Laurel wilt disease, lace bug, scales, caterpillars, and borers.
  • Growing Conditions: Container grown avocado trees can be planted at any time. Allow ample room for mature spread and keep at least 15-20 ft. away from power lines, buildings, and driveways. Mulch after planting. Fertilize four times a year with avocado-type fertilizer. Prune regularly to keep the trunk straight and branching even. The brittle wood can also break easily in storms.
  • Characteristics: Evergreen tree of equal height and spread. Blooms Feb.-April with a small greenish-white flower. Fruiting follows Oct.-Nov. ‘Marcus Pumpkin’ has a moderate yield of huge round, pumpkin-shaped fruits; some weighing over 3 lbs. The flavor is very mild. Fruiting time is Oct.-Nov. It is an heirloom variety, not grown commercially.
  • Propagation: Most avocados will not grow true from seed, meaning the resulting plant may or may not have the same characteristics as the parent. Therefore, although avocados grow easily from seed, if you are looking for fruit production, purchase a named variety from a reputable nursery. Propagated also by grafting or air layering.  
  • Wildlife: Pollinators increase the likelihood of plentiful fruit set.
  • Facts: There are many different types of avocados, each with its own characteristics. The ones that grow best in Florida are the green-skin varieties, of which ‘Marcus’ is one. The fruits do not ripen on the tree, but only after harvesting. Parts of the avocado tree can be poisonous if ingested.  ‘Marcus Pumpkin’ is a rare variety, but grows well is South Florida.  
  • Designer Considerations: Even if you do not grow an avocado tree for its delicious fruits, they are a good shade tree and provide a nice framing accent.


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Marcus Pumpkin Avocado Tree