Flame Vine


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Flame Vine

Pyrostegia venusta

  • Common Name: Flame Vine (Other common names: Pyrostegia Species, Flame Vine, Golden Shower, Orange Trumpet Creeper, Cipo-Sao-Joao).
  • Scientific Name: Pyrostegia venusta
  • Family Name: Bignoniaceae
  • Origin: South America
  • Height: 30’ – 40’ (to 75’).
  • Width: 6’ – 8’
  • Growth: Fast growing (can spread like wildfire if not attended to).
  • Zone: 9A - 11
  • Light Needs: Full sun – partial shade.
  • Salt Tolerance:  Poor
  • Soil/PH/Texture: Tolerates many soils and likes heat, mildly acidic – mildly alkaline (pH 6.1 – 7.8).
  • Soil Moisture: Wet – somewhat moist, average water needs - water regularly but do not overwater.
  • Drought Tolerance: High tolerance once established, and it is humidity tolerant.
  • Pests/Diseases: No serious pests are normally seen on this plant – (scales, caterpillars, and mites can be a problem for flame vine.)
  • Growing Conditions: Moderate maintenance, must be pruned to be kept in check, spreads like wildfire, and will strangle other plants, make sure to cut back and dead head to keep it from self-seeding.
  • Characteristics: Leaves have two or three oval, 2” leaflets, the paired leaflets have a tendril between them instead of a third leaflet. The blooms are gold (yellow orange), and bloom in fall – spring (in some areas it may even flower lightly during the summer), branch-end clusters of 3” slender tubular flowers. The fruit capsules can grow up a foot long.
  • Propagation: Semi-hardwood cuttings, while this plant does produce bean-like seed pods, the pods rarely contain viable seeds. Because of this, flame vine is best propagated by layering suckers.
  • Wildlife: Attracts birds, butterflies and bees and hummingbirds.
  • Facts: Potentially invasive.
  • Designer Considerations: Perfect for arbors, trellises, retaining walls, fences, eaves, pergolas, banks and more! It also suitable for xeriscaping.