Paurotis Palm, Everglades Palm


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​​​​​​​​​Paurotis Palm, Everglades Palm

Acoelorrhaphe wrightii

  • Common Name:  Paurotis Palm, Everglades Palm
  • Scientific Name:  Acoelorrhaphe wrightii
  • Family:  Arecaceae
  • Origin:  Native to North America.
  • Height:  15'-25’
  •  Width:  10'-15’
  • Growth:  Slow.
  • Zone:   10-11
  • Light Needs:  Part shade to full sun.
  • Salt Tolerance:  Moderate.
  • Soil Moisture:  Prefers moist conditions.
  • Drought Tolerance:  Moderate.
  • Pests/Diseases:  Susceptible to manganese deficiency if grown in high pH soil.  Potassium deficiency may also occur.
  • Growing Conditions:  Can be grown in a variety of soils with adequate drainage, but prefers  moist soil. 
  • Characteristics:   This Palm has upright slender trunks as a clump with multiple suckers clustered at the base.  Suckers can be removed to shape tree as desired.  Fronds are green above and silver below with orange armed petioles and black fruit.
  • Propagation:  Seed.
  • Wildlife:  Dense foliage provides havens for many bird species.
  • Facts:  Blooms in winter and spring with white to yellow showy flowers.
  • Designer Considerations:  Accent plant for yards, especially with nighttime lighting from below.