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Day Blooming Jessamine - Yellow or White

​​Cestrum diurnum

  • ​Common name: Day-Blooming Jessamine, Day-blooming jasmine, Chinese Inkberry
  • Scientific name: Cestrum Diurnum
  • Family name: Solanaceae
  • Origin: West Indies
  • Height: 6-8 ft
  • Width: 4-6 ft
  • Growth: Moderate
  • Zone: 8a-11
  • Light needs: Part shade – Full sun
  • Salt tolerance: Moderate
  • Soil/pH/Texture: Needs consistently moist, fertile soil that drains well. Prefers neutral or mildly alkaline soil (pH 6.6-7.8)
  • Moisture: Humidity tolerant. Needs moist soil and regular watering.
  • Drought tolerance: Moderate
  • Pests/Disease: Not particularly vulnerable to pests/diseases.
  • Growing conditions: This plant grows best in humid, sunny areas with moist, fertile soil. It should be fertilized in spring or early summer. Best grown outdoors in the ground or in a large container. Day-blooming jessamine gets large, so it needs lots of room to grow, away from other plants.
  • Characteristics: This plant has long, herbaceous stems, with leaves that grow in a radial alternating pattern. Leaves are glossy on the top and tend to curl up around the edges. Flowers are small, white, grow in clusters, and are very fragrant.  The fruits are small, round, and dark purple. Despite this plant’s lovely smell, it is highly poisonous, and no part of it should be consumed.
  • Propagation: By seeds or by stem cuttings.
  • Wildlife: The flowers draw many pollinators such as butterflies and bees. Fruits are eaten by birds but are poisonous to mammals.
  • Facts: This plant was introduced to Florida in 1930 as an ornamental shrub. Its species name, “diurnum” means that it blooms during the day – it has a relative, Cestrum nocturnum, that blooms during the night. The berries were once used to make ink, hence one of its common names, Chinese Inkberry.
  • Designer considerations: Their large size makes the Day-Blooming Jessamine a great choice for hedges. Additionally, its fragrant smell makes it a great choice for a patio plant. It can also be a backdrop for smaller plants or an accent in a sunny area.


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Day Blooming Jessamine