​​Angraecum Orchid (Comet)

Angraecum eburnum

  • Common Name:  Angraecum Orchid (Comet)
  • Scientific Name:  Angraecum eburnum
  • Family:  Orchidaceae
  • Origin:  Africa and Madagascar
  • Height:  32"-35”
  • Width:  Flowers are 2” wide.
  • Growth:  Slow growing
  • Zone:  11-12B
  • Light Needs:  Medium light or 50% shade
  • Salt Tolerance:  No
  • Soil/PH/Texture:  No soil - grown bare root mounted or in basket with long-lasting medium
  • Soil Moisture:  If in basket with medium, let it dry out in between watering.  More frequent if mounted
  • Drought Tolerance:  No, likes 60% humidity.
  • Pests/Diseases:  Viruses and fungus.   Air movement helps prevent potential problems.
  • Growing Conditions:  Needs air movement, minimum of 60% humidity and filtered light.  Apply balanced fertilizer weekly it is a heavy feeder.
  • Characteristics:  Typically blooms in January, with green & white, waxy flowers on a spike or inflorescence.  Plants need a 5-degree drop-in day to night temperature to initiate blooming.  Blooms are fragrant at night. 
  • Propagation:  Mericlone done in a laboratory.  Roots are fragile so care needs to be given when repotting.
  • Wildlife:  Attracts moths at night to pollinate.
  • Facts:  Unique species orchid with fragrant, green & white blooms on arching inflorescences.    
  • Designer Considerations:  Baskets could be hung inside or out, if cultural requirements of humidity, air movement and temperature are met.

Angraecum Orchid, Comet Orchid

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