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Coco plum

​​Coco plum

Chrysobalanus icaco

  • Origin: South Florida Native
  • Height: 10’ - 30’
  • Width: 10’ - 20’
  • Outstanding texture plant with a "beachy" look, producing an edible plum which many critters (including people) enjoy, noted for showy flowers, showy fruit, hurricane resistance, interesting foliage
  • Full sun to part shade, moderately salt tolerant
  • Evergreen plant produces small white flowers, followed by fruit that's often made into jelly or as an attraction in a wildlife garden
  • Plum is pink and ripens to purple with a bland flavor, and the almond-flavored seeds can be roasted and eaten or crushed for use in cooking, fruit could make a slight mess on walks and patios for a short period
  • Good as hedge shrubs or privacy plants, can be kept trimmed to around 4 feet
  • Attracts various pollinators, birds and other wildlife consume fruit, good for dense cover
  • USDA hardiness zones 10A – 11


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