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Blanket Flower


Native Garden

Blanket Flower

Gaillardia pulchella

  • Common Name:  Blanket Flower
  • Scientific Name:  Gaillardia pulchella
  • Family Name:  Asteraceae
  • Origin:  North America
  • Width:  2’ to 3’
  • Growth:  Moderate
  • Zone:  3 to 11
  • Light Needs:  Full sun
  • Salt Tolerance:  Good
  • Soil/PH/Texture:  Medium Texture.  Soil, acidic, alkaline, sand, loam
  • Soil Moisture:  Well drained soil
  • Drought Tolerance:  High
  • Pests/Diseases:  None
  • Growing Conditions:  Suitable for growing along the beaches right on the dunes, gaillardia does best in light, very well-drained soils in full sun locations, enduring heat, sandy soil, and drought extremely well.
  • Characteristics:  Used as ground cover, in containers, and as mass plantings.  Summer fall flowering.  
  • Propagation:  by seeds or root division in early spring
  • Wildlife:  Attracts butterflies.
  • Facts:  A showy annual wildflower boasts daisy like flower heads 2” across with a brownish red center.  Blooms late spring to fall.  
  • Designer Considerations:  Use in containers, as cut flowers, for accents, and mass plantings.