​​​​​​​​Beautiful Sobralia

Sobralia decora

  • Common Name:  Beautiful Sobralia
  • Scientific Name:  Sobralia decora
  • Family:  Orchidaceae
  • Origin:  Mexico through South America
  • Height:  1"-10”
  • Width:  2"-10”
  • Growth:  Terrestrial orchids that grow on erect canes.
  • Zone:   9B, 10A, 10B
  • Light Needs:  Moderately bright. 
  • Salt Tolerance:  No
  • Soil Moisture:  Keep evenly moist.
  • Drought Tolerance:  No
  •  Pests/Diseases:  Mites
  • Growing Conditions:  Needs 50-70% humidity.
  • Characteristics:  Flowers are 4” wide, pink to lavender in color and fragrant. Blooms last a day.
  • Propagation:  Repot when done flowering and only when new growth appears.   Can divide if divisions contain 6 growths or more.  Roots are fragile, so be careful in repotting.
  • Wildlife:  Attracts hummingbirds and bees.
  • Facts:  Beautiful waxy green & white blooms on arching inflorescences and are fragrant at night.  Slow-growing orchid that originated in Africa and Madagascar.
  • Designer Considerations:  Mount on trees or place in hanging baskets under trees. 


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Beautiful Sobralia

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