​​​​​​​​African Bush Daisy

  • Common Name: African Bush Daisy, Daisy Bush.
  • Scientific Name: Gamolepis chrysanthemoides
  • Family Name: Compositae
  • Origin: South Africa
  • Height: 2’-4’
  • Width: 3’-4’
  • Growth: Moderate.
  • Zone: 8b-11
  • Light Needs: Full sun. Will grow in part sun, but blooms best in full sun.
  • Salt Tolerance: Poor.
  • Soil/PH/Texture: Very versatile. Will grow in acidic to slightly alkaline soil, loam, clay, and sand.  Plant year round in zones 8-11.
  • Soil Moisture: Excellent plant for dry conditions. Blooms best when soil kept lightly moist.  
  • Drought Tolerance: Moderate.
  • Pests/Diseases: Usually not affected by pests. Nematodes may be a slight problem.
  • Growing Conditions: Grow year-round in full sun for best performance. Will bloom almost continuously. Benefits from an occasional clipping to encourage bloom.
  • Characteristics: Yellow, daisy-like flower on finely textured foliage. Rounded plant habit of alternate, simple leaves, 2”-4” in length. Can be grown as a small shrub. Evergreen in zones 8-11.
  • Propagation: By seed. Not known to be invasive but reseeds readily.
  • Wildlife: Attractive to butterflies and other pollen feeding insects.
  • Facts: Ideal for mass plantings, mixed borders, or as a container plant. Yellow flowers bloom almost continuously and stand out against the delicate green foliage.
  • Designer Considerations: Plant on 18”-24” centers for a fuller mass planting. Keep pruned to about 24” to form a solid mounded look and avoid flopping. Deadhead regularly to encourage blooming. Good container plant but may begin to decline after about 6 months. May be frozen to the ground in zone 8b but will resprout in the spring.​


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African Bush Daisy