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Stokes Aster

Stokes Aster

Stokesia Laevis

  • Common Name:  Stokes Aster
  • Scientific Name:  Stokesia Laevis
  • Family Name:  Asteraceae
  • Origin:  Southeastern United States
  • Height:  10” to 24”
  • Width:  1’ to 2’
  • Growth:  Fast
  • Zone:  6 - 10
  • Light Needs:  Sun, part shade
  • Salt Tolerance:  Low
  • Soil/PH/Texture:  Acidic
  • Soil Moisture:  Moist, rich, well-drained soil, acidic sands preferred.
  • Drought Tolerance: Medium
  • Pests/Diseases:  None reported.
  • Growing Conditions:  Perennial, blooms spring through summer.
  • Characteristics:  Low maintenance
  • Propagation:  Division, seeds
  • Wildlife:  Attracts butterflies.
  • Facts:  Stokes aster is named to honor the English physician and botanist Jonathan Stokes who became well known for his work using foxglove (digitalis) to treat heart failure.
  • Designer Considerations: Used in borders or grown in containers. They can also serve as a lovely part of a wildflower, butterfly, or cut flower garden. When used as cut flowers, Stoke' aster will hold up for about a week after cutting.