Native Plants at The Gardens

  • Beauty Berry  Click Here

  • Black Eyed Susan  Click Here

  • Blanket Flower  Click Here

  • Blazing Start  Click Here

  • Blue Porterweed  Click Here

  • Carolina Jessamine  Click Here

  • Coco plum  Click Here

  • Coontie  Click Here

  • Coral Honeysuckle  Click Here

  • Dune Sunflower  Click Here

  • Fakahatchee Grass  Click Here

  • Frog Fruit  Click Here

  • Gumbo Limbo  Click Here

  • Iron Weed  Click Here

  • Lanceleaf tickseed  Click Here

  • Muhly Grass  Click Here

  • Native Firebush  Click Here

  • Native Plumbago  Click Here

  • Paradise Tree  Click Here

  • Red Sage  Click Here

  • Scorpion-tail  Click Here

  • Seagrape  Click Here

  • Sunshine Mimosa  Click Here

  • Varnish leaf  Click Here

  • Verbena  Click Here

  • White Indigo Berry  Click Here

  • Wild Coffee  Click Here

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The Native Plant Garden… a lovely environment for plants that are born and survive in the wild in Florida, here in their natural habitat and maintained by the The Gardens.

Native Plant Garden