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Gumbo Limbo

Gumbo Limbo

Bursera simaruba

  • Common Name:  Gumbo Limbo
  • Scientific Name:  Bursera simaruba
  • Family Name:  Burseraceae
  • Origin:  So. Florida
  • Height:  25’ - 50’
  • Width:  25’ - 50’
  • Growth:  Fast
  • Zone:  10B - 11
  • Light Needs:  Full sun to partial shade
  • Salt Tolerance:  High
  • Soil/PH/Texture: Clay, sand, alkaline, well drained.
  • Soil Moisture:  Dry
  • Drought Tolerance:  Good
  • Pests/Diseases: No serious pests or diseases.
  • Growing Conditions: Minimum maintenance.
  • Characteristics: Large semi-evergreen tree.  The bark is resinous, smooth, peeling copper colored.  Very wind tolerant.
  • Propagation: Seed or cuttings.
  • Wildlife: Its berries are a favorite with birds.
  • Facts: Easily carved wood was used to make carousel horses. 
  • Designer Considerations: Used on decks, specimen on street without sidewalks, parking lot island.  Has large surface roots.