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'Louis-Phillipe', Florida Cracker Rose


‘Louis-Phillipe’, Florida Cracker Rose, Southern Old Rose


  • Family Name:  Rosaceae
  • Origin: China
  • Introduced in 1834, ‘Louis-Phillippe’ known as the Florida “Cracker” and “Southern Old Rose” grows very well in South Florida. This rose has a beautiful fragrance with 2” double blooms and is one of the few crimson roses. It can reach to a 7’ to 8’ bush and is disease resistant and self-curing.
  • Height: 4-8’
  • Width: 3’ – 4’
  • Flower Fragrance:   Very Fragrant
  • Bloom Color: Crimson
  • Bloom Time:   Blooms repeatedly
  • Light Needs: Full Sun (at least 5 hours per day) to light shade
  • Pruning Instructions: Blooms on new wood; prune early to promote new growth
  • Soil pH requirements: 5.6 to 6.0 (acidic), 6.1 to 6.5 (mildly acidic)
  • USDA Zone: 7b – 10a