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Sabal Palmetto, Cabbage Palm

Sabal palmetto

  • Family: Arecaceae
  • Origin: Southeastern United States, Bahamas, Cuba
  • The cabbage palm is used as an ornamental and street tree, well adapted for group, specimen or avenue plantings. This palm is very salt tolerant and can be grown on the beach or directly at the water's edge of bays and inlets. The state of Florida has been planting cabbage palmettos by the hundreds along the state's freeways. The palm groves refresh the eye and absorb the road noise providing a calming influence for both motorists and the environment. Cabbage palm is very low maintenance and drought resistant making it a perfect choice for urban plantings. The cabbage palm is the state tree of Florida.
  • Growth rate: Slow
  • Height: 40’
  • Spread: 18’
  • Soil Requirements: Wide
  • Nutritional Requirements: Low
  • Salt Tolerance: Moderate to high
  • Drought Tolerance: High
  • Wind Tolerance: High
  • Cold Tolerance: 10° F
  • USDA hardiness zones: 8 - 10

Sabal Palmetto, Cabbage Palm

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